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My biggest inspiration for the journey comes from 2 people who made a major impact in my life.

Mr. Malkit Singh who was an ideal for his daughter and the guardian angel known as “The Uncle” for every one in the extended family. He would always do what was right and expected the same of others. He passed on valuable lessons not only when he was amongst us but even when he was gone. One thing i learnt from him, stand for what is right irrespective of the consequences. The feeling of vulnerability that his demise has brought will be felt by the family he left behind.  His loss will have an ever lasting impact in our lives.

Ms Toni Howden who was an inspiration be it at work or in the gym.  She was always the “happy go around” person who would lighten your day with a quick talk (talkative she was). Fergus her partner meant everything to her (besides her family) and the name kept getting popped up all over the office.  She would always go out of her way to help others, which made her really special. I guess that was the reason God asked for her helping hand, when the going got tough above. She will be truly missed by everyone who has ever known her.

Toni walking the Fox glacier in New Zealand


Incredible support from Sandra White MSP (Member Scottish Parliament)


Mr. Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow city Council 

Mr. Sohan Singh Councillor ,Glasgow city Council  

Journey of hope poster and brochure release


Mr. Srinivas kumar CEO of Khel Point, Bangalore

Srinath Birur, President Rotary Club, Bangalore and Raghavendra Prasad


backbone of the journey

Details of the poster in India

Letter of Support from Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

Anas Sarwar the MP for Glasgow Central

Mr. Manjinder Shergill, Councillor Bearsden South

Mr. Rajesh N. Prasad Deputy High Commissioner, London

Mr. Pannu, Sur Sagar Media –

Ms. Gugni Gill, Spokesperson for the journey, Ambassador Imran Khan Cancer Appeal,

former Punjabi film actress, model and host

  1. Mohammed Ali permalink

    The battle with Cancer is one that often claims our loved ones, like your father-in-law; Toni; my own sister-in-law Shameem (bhabhi) and elder Saali Hafeeza Malik (wife’s sister) and many others who have perished at the hands of this monster.

    The fight against Cancer is not a lost cause – I have witnessed this with my daughter’s mother-in-law Tasneem who has faced it and survived.

    By helping Indi’s chosen charities we can all do our little bit to help and support those that are facing their own battle against Cancer.

    Heartfelt Thanks to Indi for all his efforts to raise awareness, and funds, for very worthy charities and groups who face the evils of cancer on a daily basis.

    With you all the way on your journey – Mohammed Jawaid Ali and Family (in UK; Pakistan and India)

  2. Rebecca and Nikki thank you for your kind wishes. It was a pleasure to have known Toni and its the least i could do in her memory. Every life that is saved from the funds raised would make so much meaning to her and all our lives.

    Please speak to your family and friends to donate generously for the cause !!

  3. Nikki permalink

    Thanks so much for doing this in Toni’s memory. Toni inspired many people not all would have the courage and drive to do what your doing. Thanks, Nikki ( toni’s sister )

  4. Rebecca Howden permalink

    Thank you for the very kind things you said about Toni. I would like to wish you good luck on this epic journey. Enjoy.

  5. People need real manly guts to go through this route which is not only long but trecherous in its own right. You have chosen to take up this task and clearly shows your capability and potential to handle this all by yourself. Wishing you the best.

  6. Thank you everyone!!! I would need every cent of your good wishes to complete this journey!!!

  7. This is really cool, tough and for a noble cause , wish you a very happy and safe journey.May the almighty god protect you throughout your journey safe,happy and healthy.

  8. One hell of a crazy trip even to think about.
    I wish you all the very best and may this inspire many.

  9. Justin permalink

    Great to hear about your renewed enthusiasm for the project. Best of luck and Im sure you will do it as easy as eating a pice of cake..

  10. bhupinder shelly permalink

    Hello Inder…..i just checked the website …..a well planned trip with lots of preps….good luck for longest world trip.I may c u in inida……and i will not go by road….it will be british airways to catch u in India. Have fun!!

  11. Great Inder…it is good thought to come to India by Road……Have a Great Experience and Wonderful Journey…..

  12. ashwani singla permalink

    Did`t know we have another Ian Wright nearer home also.Lucky man.Wish i could be there also.

    Best wishes

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