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  1. Ejji K. Umamahesh permalink

    Congratulations and Godspeed! I live in Chennai, India. I am in the process of planning a car rally from London to Delhi/Kolkata. I would love to meet you in India and get some advice. Could you tell me when and where it could be done. Please see my web site. It will tell you my whereabouts and other details.
    Cheers, keep smiling and stay well,
    Ejji K. Umamahesh
    Always reply to: Web site:
    Blog: Hand phone: + 91 99406 35547

  2. Gagan Deep Singh permalink

    Whats your present location??

  3. Mohammed permalink

    I keep checking the maps to see your progress….
    I like your attitude “Jahan dil kare gaadi mod do” to end up in Rovinj – Croatia.

  4. Amit permalink

    dude;;;wont poland>russia > khazakistan be better route?????

    • Yes Amit i could have taken that route but i wanted to explore Georgia, Iran etc. Not many have gone on route to these countries.

  5. bkaur permalink

    ok now i have to say something about route…….instead of coming down thru iran why not go up n enter china nepal then can make it safe.

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