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The Journey


1 Man, 1 Machine, 25 countries, over 9000 miles or 14500 Kms in less than 4 weeks!!!

This is the start of once in a life time journey for awareness of Cancer and raising money for the cause. I have recently lost my father-in-law Mr.Malkit Singh, a very gentle soul and Toni Howden my ever energetic colleague to cancer. I am doing this journey in their memory and for each and every one of us, who have lost someone they loved.

This journey is a ray of hope for all the people who are fighting it out, a way of saying we stand with you. This is also a way to say thank you to all the Doctors and care staff who provide hours of unconditional support.

 Though this trip is limited to drive through 25 countries, but i hope to spread the message and awareness of Cancer all over the world. Whilst i travel, I would like to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Roko Cancer. Please contribute generously and every penny contributed will be greatly appreciated.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

  • You can donate for Marie Curie Cancer care by pressing the button “Sponsor me” below. For more information please visit

Marie Curie Cancer Care - Sponsor me now!

I would be covering 2 continents i.e. Europe and Asia. The journey would start of from Glasgow in Scotland and go all the way to Goa in India using the “Silk Route”. The journey will cover different cities of UK, other parts of Europe and Asia. The countries covered as part of the trip would be as mentioned below :

Scotland >> England >> France >> Belgium >> Luxembourg >> Germany >> Switzerland >> Austria >> Italy >> Slovenia >> Hungary >> Croatia >> Serbia >> Bulgaria >> Greece >> Turkey >> Georgia >> Armenia >> Iran >> Turkmenistan >> Uzbekistan >> Kyrgyzstan >> China >> Pakistan >> India

Set off from
George Square
28th Sept 2012 at 11 a.m
with flag off by
Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for External Affairs and International Development
In the presence of Sandra White MSP, Mr Sarwar and Mr Anoop Walia (The man with an unmatched mission)

 Thanks to Sandra White MSP who took it upon her to pass a motion in the Scottish Parliament No S4M-04163 Sandra White (Scottish National Party) dated 17/09/2012. All i can say Sandra you won our heart!!

For reading all the developments leading to the journey, please go to “Planning” tab. For now all the updates with pictures and video clips of the journey are on “Travel Virtually” tab.


The world map with location of people following this “Journey of hope”


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  1. Hi Indi….my very best wishes to u….your travel plan seems to be very exciting…passing through 25 countries is very advanturs .. I wish i could be with u…. All d best hope u sucessed in fulfilling your noble cause …

  2. Great job Indi….Great Cricketer Mr. Imran Khan did a lot for Cancer hospital,and YV suffered this tragic disease, I pray for your success in this MISSION !!!!!

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