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The Journey

1 Man, 1 Machine, 32 countries, over 13500 miles or 22,000 Kms in 7 weeks!!!

This is the start of once in a life time journey for awareness of Cancer and raising money for the cause. I lost my father Mr.Malkit Singh, a very gentle soul and Toni Howden my ever energetic colleague to cancer. I am doing this journey in their memory and for each and every one of us, who have lost someone they loved.

This journey is a ray of hope for all the people who are fighting it out, a way of saying we stand with you. This is also a way to say thank you to all the Doctors and care staff who provide hours of unconditional support.

 Though this trip is limited to drive through 25 countries, but i hope to spread the message and awareness of Cancer all over the world. Whilst i travel, I would like to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Roko Cancer. Please contribute generously and every penny contributed will be greatly appreciated.

  • You can donate for Marie Curie Cancer care by pressing the button “Sponsor me” below. For more information please visit

Thank you all for supporting me by donating to the charities of my choice. I am pleased to announce that the overall collection was over £30,000 with money through my website, direct donations to the charities in the name of the journey and adoption of villages in Punjab (money value calculated). It took sometime to get all the information but finally it was all worth it. Thank you once again and I will look forward to your support in the future.

I would be covering 2 continents i.e. Europe and Asia. The journey would start of from Glasgow in Scotland and go all the way to Goa in India using the “Silk Route”. The journey will cover different cities of UK, other parts of Europe and Asia. The countries covered as part of the trip would be as mentioned below :

Scotland >> England >> France >> Belgium >> Luxembourg >> Germany >> Switzerland >> Austria >> Italy >> Slovenia >> Hungary >> Croatia >> Bosnia >> Montenegro >> Serbia >> Kosovo >> Macedonia >> Bulgaria >> Greece >> Turkey >> Greece >> Bulgaria >> Turkey >> Georgia >> Armenia >> Russia >> Iran>> Turkmenistan >> Uzbekistan >> Kyrgyzstan >> China >> Pakistan >> India

Flag off happened from George Square happened on 28th Sept 2012 at 11 a.m
done by
Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for External Affairs and International Development
In the presence of Sandra White MSP, Bailie Martin Docherty and Mr Anoop Wallia (The man with an unmatched mission)

Entered India from Wagha Border on Sunday the 4th Nov at 2 p.m.

 Thanks to Sandra White MSP who took it upon her to pass a motion in the Scottish Parliament No S4M-04163 Sandra White (Scottish National Party) dated 17/09/2012. All i can say Sandra you won our heart!!

For reading all the developments leading to the journey, please go to “Planning” tab. Once the journey starts on 28th September, regular updates will be done on “Travel Virtually” with pictures and video clips of the journey.

Listen to ME LIVE in the New Years on BBC Asian Network (Fri, 4th January) from 11-12pm. For all my friends who are not in UK, you can listen to me live using the following link 


The world map with location of people following this “Journey of hope”

  1. Mrs kartar chagger permalink

    Mr Inderpal Shergill ur ‘once in lifetime journey- Glasgow to Goa’ is fascinating! We r planning smthing similar ‘London to Ludhiana’. Need to talk to u regarding ur experiences, pl provide with ur contact no. Thanks n hoping to hear from u soon.

    • Dear Mrs Kartar Ji, I will be in UK from the 11th Jan and can be reached on my mobile at 07961822573. It would be a pleasure to help you in any way i can. Speak soon!!

  2. Pradeep Kumar Dixit permalink

    Mr Inder I’m very Glad to meet you, and your most beautifull Prado, at our Kamal Hospital, Nakodar, Punjab. Thanks God.

  3. Razia Kazi permalink

    Hey Indi,

    We met in Amethi for AAP Campaigning, It was a pleasure to meet u in person, and see ur 4*4… you really done a great JOB. God bless u.

  4. Harinder Singh Dhindsa permalink

    Hello Inder now i use your PRADO its outstanding car

  5. Simerjeet permalink

    Hello Bha g! Nice to see u in kharar!!we are proud on u!!!! M also from kharar near your residence…..! U have such a nice car Bha g …..! Hats off to u and UR great job i.e GLASSGOW2GOA….also hats off to ur great ideas like toe our trolla (loaded with sand)with your prado at kharar.

  6. Taran permalink


    Spotted your car outside kfc chandigarh.

    Email me.

  7. Nilesh permalink

    Me and my wife were totally impressed to see the vehicle of the registration number that belongs to UK and this sturdy vehicle in Udaipur, Rajsthan on 14th June-2013! One needs guts to start and finish such adventure. I read on your homepage the reason why you are doing it and hats off to you! Wishing you the Best Luck!!
    By the way this incidence takes us back in 2001 when were in London and we lived in there for around 8 years and hence love the sentence written on the front of the vehicle- “SIKHS IN SCOTLAND”- Hats off to you bro- SING IS KING!

    Nilesh Deshpande, Mumbai

    • Thank you Prakash for the kind words and amazing hospitality in Ahmedabad. It was an honour to meet you as well!!

      • Prakash permalink


  8. Sangramsinh Patil permalink

    Today morning saw your Prado in Pune ! So curiously checked this site !
    Wish you all the Best & Safe Journey !

  9. Chetan permalink

    It ws nice to see you travelling for great cause. I jst sitting next to ur prado parked at vision hospital dhuler.

    • Thank you Chetan. I was there for a quick check up with my family as we trust Sheila Gupte as the last advice on earth. Thank you for taking time to go through the website.

  10. rajan permalink

    Good bye and have a nice journey and thank you very much for staying with us in Cherai Beach Resorts .

  11. Here I am Mehmood Ali and Abdul Qayyum Khan Nabi from Hunza Valley Hunza View Hotel Karimabad how are you hows your journey hope you ll be fine and busy. hope for the best

    • Hello Mehmood Ali and Abdul Qayyum Khan Nabi ji. I had such a lovely stay at your hotel in Karimabad and the memories will last me a life time. Would love to come back to that part of the Pakistan for sure.

  12. A. Q. Rana permalink

    Gud job bud.

  13. Richa permalink

    We met on the Baga beach early morning on 2nd march, I hope you remember me and my friend. 🙂
    At first when you told us about your road trip from Glasgow to Goa, it was hard to believe but after exploring your site and reading about your journey i must say that you are doing a great job.
    All the best !!

  14. Punit permalink

    hi you are doing a wonderful job…. Awesome… I spotted your car 3 days back in Baroda.. Wish we could meet you… All the best for your further Journey.. It will be nice if you give your contact number…

  15. Shivanand Lawande permalink

    hi saw you today in goa with you prado.
    you are doing a great job , keep it up n all the best for rest of your journey.

  16. Oswald Sunil permalink

    Hi Indi,

    Awesome achievement!! If I am not wrong you were in Goa, Baga beach on November 11, 2012 (Sunday). I think, I parked my car in front of your vehicle opposite Britto’s Restaurant. I saw on your vehicle and that’s how I started searching about you. I feel really bad not talking to you or taking picture with you while you were on such a big mission. But happy that at-least saw the sticker on your SUV. We also plan similar things in future and would require your guidance for sure.

    Oswald Sunil, Bangalore.

  17. manu singh permalink

    You are doing a nice job dude…..I saw you on rajasthan highway….your car is also too gud….my best wishes with you…

    Gud luck
    Manu singh

  18. Thank All Mighty you have arrived safely. Sister and myself did a similar overland trip from London
    to Bombay in 1969 in a Morris 1000 traveller, 24000 km and seven weeks but different route via
    Europe, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Wagha border.
    Did not encounter any problems or mishaps, not even a tyre puncture.

    If you are still in Goa, would be my pleasure to meet you and have a meal.

    cell +91 9822103751

  19. Gurinder permalink

    you guys are truly gifted to take this journey for a cause. I always wanted drive down on silk road.. If possible can share some info with me.. Kindly let me know the expenses of the trip and how visa matters of 25 countries can be taken care off.

    • Hi Gurinder, a slight correction. It was only me, one person who did this journey and covered 32 countries. Let me know when you intended to do the trip and i would be happy to guide you all along.

  20. Babulal S Chaudhary permalink

    The road trip memories will always return to you with a splendid rush of excitement. Having road trip photography and video, road trip journals with road trip stories, and road trip scrapbooks makes remembering the journey a much simpler matter. Though pictures and words can never equal the magnificence of the actual road trip experience, they do offer an exciting creative outlet and a way to share your experience with those who could not come along. The incident which you had seen so closely where some one will learn from you before they start any kind of road trip.

    It could be as simple as taking small notes down when fascinating things happen. It could be as involved as writing a novel. And even if the details don’t get into your road trip journal, at least you’ll have reminders to spur your storytelling.

    I find that the act of writing something down in itself helps you retain the road trip memories. This is a good way to remember the context of photographs you’ve taken. Sometimes it’s not enough to just take a bunch of pictures and figure that later you’ll remember what they’re all about. I am also eager to look through the batch of pictures from the road trip seen some picture on your page just wondering “what in the world was that?” And later when you will make road trip album, your journal notes will help many people so they can be prepared to the incidents you had faced. During your trip the things which were going through your mind, when you would meet kids, Children and family you were also missing your family but the support they provided knowing all the hurdle and problem you would face during your journey.
    “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” The single step which you had taken has proven nothing is impossible you just have to focus on your mission. It was a memorable moment for all of us who met you for the rest of our life. I personally will admire this moments for my life also eagerly waiting to see the videos of the road trip experience you had and also the Book which is to be published will help many people all over the world when ever they start to begin any kind of journey but this will be remembered for long time GLASGOW TO GOA BY ROAD A JOURNEY OF A LIFE TIME ONE MAN JOURNEY FOR AWARENESS OF CANCER AND RAISING MONEY FOR THE CAUSE ….By Mr Inderpal Shergill Last person to say good bye and wish you happy journey back home from Calangute goa ..Lots of love Babulal S Chaudhary Hope to see you back soon!!!

  21. Good luck pal, hope you had an epic of a journey. Around 4-5 years from today i dream to go on a trip like you have done . Will need your inputs on the route and other requirement. most importantly.. if possible you can join us 🙂


  23. Wow, what an amazing adventure and for a great cause… I would have joined you if I’d known… See you tomorrow in Goa. Well done Indy 🙂

  24. hardeep permalink

    Met u today……..loved to hear frm u

  25. lakhwant permalink

    mohali main aap ka swagat hai


    m with u

    GOODLUCK…mah heartiest wishes r with u


  27. hey bro…BRAVO.
    M WID U

  28. anurag permalink

    just saw your prado in chandigarh today. All the best for your journey ahead

  29. Mohammed Jawaid Ali permalink

    Shukr-Alhamdolillah (Thans to ALLAH) that today I have heard from my cousin Yousuf that you have safely crossed the border at Wagah into our other homeland – India!. Have been following your trip every day, and it is nice to get personal updates on the phone, and I do immensely enjoy reading the updates on the website so keep that up. Give our heartiest regards and best wishes to our brothers in sisters on the other side of the line that divides our two great nations. May the rest of your journey be as exciting, but without incident, as you make your way to Goa!

  30. Anurag permalink

    Hi, Heartiest welcome to India. Hope your journey so far was great remembarance. “We shall cure cancer one day”

  31. Mohammed Jawaid Ali permalink

    Wah ji Wah – what an adventure! Having read all through your logs – I wish I had accepted and travelled with you. Anyway – Yousuf has hired a car and started on his journey to travel up from Karachi (two days drive) to meet with you Insha-ALLAH in Islamabad. Will keep trying to reach you on the phone(s). Good Luck!

  32. Hey INDI… it will be great to catch ya at Wagha ….. God Bless and drive safe.

  33. All the best from “Sarhad” and Museum of Peace, Wagah Border Amritsar

  34. snkjr permalink

    Well, just a few more days to go until you arrive in India. All the best and may word of your cause spread far and wide.

  35. Indi, Where are you now? How is it going? The Shaukat Khanum Hospital wants to welcome you when you reach Pakistan so please let me know as to when you would enter Pakistan.

    • Hello Ikhlaq ji finally got to see this today. I will be in Pakistan from the 23rd to the 26th afternoon. Will wait for the call at the numbers given to you.

  36. Guru permalink

    Good luck brother. I was keenly watching Tusshar Agarwal’s drive from London to Delhi and next comes yours trip from Glasgow to Goa. Hope you drive safe, explore new places, meet new people, adjust to the conditions and above all, you are truly gifted to take this journey for a good cause.

    If you are free, can you tell me, how do I track your progress.

    Guru from Bangalore

    • HI Guru sorry for the delay but i had no access to Internet in Iran and Turkmenistan. You can track the progress on my travel virtual page and also look at the route tab to see my current location.

  37. Imran Pasha (INDIA) permalink

    Make the new world with different thoughts, develop love in between people, countryand continents
    best of luck

  38. Wish you all the best , have a safe journey

  39. mohan ramakrishna permalink

    all the best and a safe and secure jouney and best wishes for a very good cause and my condolences for the breaved families

  40. good luck brother best of your journey .
    jinke liye aap ye sab kar rhae ho unki duain aapke shath hain


  41. Jill Raschka permalink

    Hi Indi! You’re on your way 🙂 wishing you a smooth road ahead.
    Jill from Toronto

  42. Ikhlaq permalink

    I hope you are enjoying the challenge. All the best from all at Imran Khan Cancer Appeal.

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